Kayaking Courses

No course is required for kayaking or renting a kayak, anyone, including complete beginners, can enjoy a safe kayaking trip along the coast or to the islands. 
However, a kayak course is recommended for those who use kayaks more often and want to improve their technique.
While the course can be completed on both sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks, learning all of the techniques and elements can be done on sit-in kayak only. 
The course can be taken by complete beginners as well as more experienced kayakers who have never learned rowing properly. Participants will also learn needed safety procedures in case of an accident at sea. 
If you are interested in only some elements of the course or looking for an instructor to correct and improve your mistakes, a shorter private course is available.  
The kayaking instructors are ACA (American canoe association) certified and will train you in the L1 category (Introduction to Kayaking Instructor).

For making an appointment, please contact us in advance by e-mail. We'll be happy to improve your kayaking experience!