Wing Surfing is a new way to experience the freedom of surfing above sea level.
Using a handheld wing, we are now able to gain speed and rise above sea level, on a board equipped with a hydrofoil. The sensation of ''levitating'' over the sea is like nothing else before, it's a freeing experience, where the wing isn't attached to the board or you.
Compared to windsurfing or kitesurfing, wing surfing has a few advantages:
-    there's no need to have a buddy who will launch and land you
-    it's safe
-    lower wind speed to start gliding
-    intuitive, easy and fast to learn
-    simple equipment set up
-    if the wind drops its easy to paddle back to the shore

Our location in the middle of the Kamenjak peninsula is an ideal spot for learning wingsurfing. The environment is safe for riders of all levels, beginners included. For intermediate wingsurfers that can wing foil, we offer boat support to make you feel safer in case of need.

Interested in learning wingfoiling? Take a look at our courses to start your wingsurfing journey.

Wing Foil Basic Course

Wing Foil Basic Course

Wing Foil is the new fun way to enjoy water sports in light wind conditions. If you want to start Wing Foiling book a basic course on with us at Kamenjak protected area , you won't find a better place to enjoy Wing Foiling.
Max number of participants :2
Duration : 4 hours

€ 330
€ 280

po osobi

Wing Foil Take Off Course

Wing Foil Take Off Course

Flying above the water is such an amazing experience, this course will make it possible.
Max number of participants : 2
Duration : 3 hours

€ 250

po osobi