Wing Foil Take Off Course

Flying above the water is such an amazing experience, this course will make it possible. Max number of participants : 1 Duration : 3 hours

€ 290 € 250
per person


Once you can handle the wing effectively, and navigate gaining altitude up-wind on a non-foiling board, you're ready for the next step: 
learning how to fly on a foil board using wing propulsion!

Flying above the water is such an amazing experience, and it's likely the main reason this new surf discipline attracts so many people.

''Flying'' is the biggest challenge on your way to learning Wing Foiling, but we'll make it fun!

What you'll learn in this 3-hour course:
- Balancing on a low volume foil board ( 140l and 110l boards)
- Knee start using the wing
- Flight exercises, riding first on the knees and later in a standing position
- Gaining altitude and riding courses on a foil board
- Take-off on a stable foil board equipped with a short mast, towed by a boat (this makes the learning process easier)
- Take-off using the wing propulsion

  • 3 hour course
  • private course max 1 participant
  • boat support
  • wireless tolking set for comunication
  • video analisis after the lesson


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