Wing Foil Basic Course

Wing Foil is the new fun way to enjoy water sports in light wind conditions. If you want to start Wing Foiling book a basic course on with us at Kamenjak protected area , you won't find a better place to enjoy Wing Foiling. Max number of participants :2 Duration : 4 hours

€ 330 € 280
per person


The Wing SURF beginners course is your first step towards Wing FOILING.

The difference between Wing SURF and Wing FOIL is all about the board you'll use with your wing. The surf board is not equipped with a foil and that makes the learning process much easyer.
To start Wing Foiling, you must learn  to handle and control the wing properly. During the Basic Wing Surfing course, we use stable, non-foiling boards so you can focus on handling the Wing effectively. This makes the learning easier, and it prepares you to fly on a foil board.

The first part of the course is ''land training'', lasting about two hours. After a short introductory lesson about the material, weather and wind conditions, you'll start to learn how to control your Wing. This includes carrying, turning, steering and positioning the Wing to get speed.

The second part of the course is the wet training. On a stable non-foiling board in light wind conditions, we will teach you how to handle the Wing properly and control the direction of your board. 

Depending of your skills and wind conditions we may use the boat during the course and a wireless head set for the communicatuon

It will take 4 hours to complete this course . If the conditions are good the course can be completed within one day 

After the Basic Wing SURF course, you'll be ready to rent the equipment and practice on your own on a non-foiling board.

  • 4 hour course
  • max 2 participants ( 4 in case of a private group )
  • boat support
  • wireless tolking set for comunication
  • video analisis after the lesson

*This is a semy private course with a maximum of 2 participants.
*No previous experience in similar water sports is needed to attend this course.
*For those who have previously practised Windsurfing, Wind Foiling or Kite Foiling we will slightly modify this basic course if we notice your progress is faster than aspected.

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