Windsurfing private lesson

Take advantage of the one-on-one lesson with an experienced windsurfer to bring your skills to the next level! The private lessons are completely personalized to your skills and preferences with undivided attention.

€ 60
per person

Private Windsurfing lesson


Improve your windsurfing skills and reach your full potential with a ONE ON ONE lesson with a windsurfing pro! An individual lesson with our most experienced windsurfing instructor will bring your windsurfing to the next level. This course depends on your previous knowledge and is completely personalized to your current skills and preferences. 

For the entire 60 minutes, receive valuable guidance and practice various windsurfing maneuvers from the most basic ones to advanced tricks like aerials, switch stance, tacks, jibes, and more! 

The undivided attention of the windsurfing instructor in a private lesson will help you to learn as fast as possible and maximize your vacation time! 

We recommend private lessons to anyone with basic to intermediate windsurfing skills. If you have never windsurfed before, it is best to start out with our test or basic windsurfing course where you'll gain a beginner knowledge. 


  • Max. number of participants: 2 (only in the case of a private group such as couples, families or friends)
  • Duration: 60 minutes 


  • windsurfing equipment
  • wetsuit, if needed
  • harness, if needed


Age of the participants

Age 9-16: This is an ideal age for learning, the participants are strong enough to easily manage the board and the sail. They're eager and carefree which makes them very fast learners.

Age 17 and up: Young adults and adults are usually more determined to learn and they often continue to windsurf regularly. The main barrier to pass for this age group is letting go of the initial fear. After that barrier is broken down, for most participants windsurfing becomes a joyful part of every holiday on the water! 

There are, of course, exceptions that happen daily and every person is different. If you want to find out more or have any questions, contact us and we'll be happy to help! 


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Basic windsurfing course

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Windsurfing test course

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