Advanced Windsurfing course

Challenge your skills and join the crew of the advanced windsurfers! This course will teach you new skills and improve your maneuvers like fast tack, jibe, beach-start, and the list goes on. If you mastered all of the beginner skills, this 5-hour course is the next step in your windsurfing journey!

Advanced Windsurfing Course

Do you want to challenge your windsurfing skills and take your windsurfing to the advanced level? 

This course is the next step for everybody who has fallen in love with windsurfing and wants to learn as much as possible! In the advanced program, you will improve your maneuvers and learn new skills such as fast tack, jibe, beach-start, harness sailing, and upwind in middle to strong wind conditions. 

The goal is to sail safely in middle wind conditions with progression to a fun board. The best wind conditions for this course are 5-10 knots, the last 2 hours can be done up to 15 knots. 


  • Duration: 5 hours
  • beach start, harness, fast tack, jibe, and sailing without a daggerboard
  • short theoretical lessons (10 to 20 minutes) before going out on the water
  • in order to take this course, the participant must have mastered all the elements of the beginner course 



  • windsurfing equipment
  • wetsuit, if needed
  • harness, if needed

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